How it Works

The reality of American life today often forces us to make difficult choices when it comes to our family’s schedules. Many can simply not afford to take time off from work to get all of our family members where they need to go. Precious CarGo understands these issues, and are here to help! We lighten the burden that we all face today as a result of the over-scheduled world in which we live.

What We Offer:

  • Safe, Reliable Transportation
  • Carefully Vetted drivers
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • The Highest Safety Standards for Vehicles
  • Relief from this Tough Transportation Conundrum!

Allow us to rescue you from these tough choices. With Precious CarGo Shuttle, you can take care of your life while we help take care of your “precious cargo”!

Precious CarGo is door-to-door transportation service. If you are within the service area of Precious CarGo, one of our brand new Mercedes vehicles, driven by a carefully screened driver, will arrive at your specified pickup location. Our drivers will pick you up at the pre-determined time and bring you wherever you need to go! You can rest-assured knowing that your family is being transported by a company that puts safety first and foremost. Our security model ensures that all essential safety criteria is met.

Each Precious CarGo driver undergoes an extensive screening process. Full background checks, driving record checks, and drug and alcohol screenings are completed prior to anyone setting foot in our vehicles. Our goal is to ensure that only the most dependable drivers make up the Precious CarGo crew. In addition, each driver is required to complete First Aid and CPR training before their first shift with Precious CarGo. Finally, we do not contract out any of our routes to other driving companies. Every Precious CarGo driver is directly employed by our company, so that we can maintain the highest possible standards for you and your family.

Our fleet of brand new, 2016 Mercedes Sprinter vehicles seats up to eleven people, which makes it easy for Precious CarGo to shuttle multiple individuals and small groups at once. The Sprinter is known for its high-tech safety features, including crosswind stabilization, lane-departure warning, and collision prevention – all features which guarantee a safer ride.

Road Rules:

Timely: Family members must be picked up and dropped off promptly. An additional fee of $5.00 will be applied for over five minutes of wait time.

Notification: All rides must be scheduled 48 hours in advance, unless prior approval has been obtained.

Cancellation: Any cancellation of the scheduled ride must be done within 24 hours or additional charges may apply.

Eating and Drinking: There is no eating or drinking allowed on any of our shuttles. This is for safety as well as cleanliness.

Behavior: Inappropriate behavior (not obeying the driver, bullying, fighting, yelling, throwing, spitting, standing, etc.) will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in termination of service.

Buckle Up: Seat belts must be worn at all times.


What responsibilities does the driver have while transporting our family?
The driver is responsible for delivering you and your family to and from locations safely and on time. Responsibilities include: safe operation of the vehicle, supervision of boarding and discharge, supervision while riding the shuttle, reporting safety and behavior incidents to the owner, and making sure that seat belts systems are in place and everyone is safe.

What are your rates?
Our rates are dependent on many factors, such as distance between locations, specialized requirements, and timing. Contact us today to customize a rate that fits your needs.

Contact us today with any questions or to begin our service.